Facebook’s New Moto: “Video First”

Facebook Video Marketing

In 2012, Facebook took a “mobile first” focus and the results are in: more than 1 billion people now access Facebook from a mobile phone each day. This accounts for 91% of people who now use Facebook. Clearly businesses are also taking notice with mobile ad revenues increasing by 80% to $5.2 Billion of Facebook’s reported revenues. This represents 84% of all of Facebook’s advertising sales revenues.

Facebook Video Marketing
Facebook Video Marketing

“We see a world that’s Video First, with video at the heart of all of our apps and services” – Mark Zuckerberg

But the bigger news out of Facebook’s recent earnings results was not mobile but rather video. Over the past four years, Facebook built for a future based on mobile and clearly they succeeded. Now that people are on mobile, they are trying to take the lead in the next big wave: video. Why? Because people now want to watch on their mobile devices and not read. For Facebook this also means going after the traditionally lucrative TV advertising market which is still larger than digital. But that is quickly changing…

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Digital video marketing is clearly the hottest trend in marketing today providing superior results to traditional advertising on TV, Radio, and even website content marketing. Video now provides a 41% higher conversion rate than written text as well. But don’t just take our word for it, just listen to what our customers have to say…

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Stop Getting Chippy over Chip-and-Pins

credit card theft chip and pin mastercard visa bank identity
Photo Credit Aranami via Flickr

My name is Hannah and I am the intern here at the Social Television Network. Do you remember when checking out at a grocery store was easy? You would just swipe your credit card and go. Now it seems like things have gotten so complicated, but why? Well most people claim it’s all because of the chip-and-PIN that is now embedded into all of our credit cards. While some say these chips are supposed to be making our lives easier, it seems like it has been doing the exact opposite.

A lot of people I know are always complaining about the chip-and-PIN cards. It seems like these cards just cause stress and aggravation. But I wanted to know what does the chip-and-PIN actually do? How does it help keep our money safer? I remember being told that the point of the chip is to help protect credit card holders, but I didn’t know how it worked. So, being the savvy college student that I am, I took it upon myself to do some research.

I found out the chip-and-PIN card, also known as EMV card (Eruopay, MasterCard, and Visa) uses what is called “smart card” technology to make it harder for thieves to clone cards and steal data. This is done through the chip. The chip ensures that sensitive credit card information, such as account numbers, are transferred to the merchant differently with each transaction. This makes it virtually impossible to steal credit information. That’s basically the gist of the chip-and-PIN.

While I know a lot of people dislike it, I really do like the chip-and-PIN. It could be in part because my first experience with the chip-and-PIN was actually pretty positive. The concept was first introduced to me when I was over in the UK. Everyone in the UK has a chip in their credit cards and it seems to make life so much easier. Not once did I have my card taken out of my hand. When I went out for a meal, the server would bring a portable credit card machine over to the table when we were ready to pay. My credit card was always in my hand and visible. During my five months abroad, I experienced no credit card theft.

Photo Credit Pure Metal Cards via Flickr
Photo Credit Pure Metal Cards via Flickr

So when I got back to the states, I was so excited when a new credit card showed up in the mail for me with a chip in it! I thought it would be great! But in all honesty, I will admit that the chip-and-PIN has caused me some problems. Shopping is not something I enjoy doing. So I normally just want to get in, gather everything that I need and get out as quickly as possible. But when I check out, how do I pay? Do I swipe my credit card? Or do I insert* it into the card reader? Honestly, I never know. It seems like each store has a different policy about payment. I am sure everyone has had some type of mishap trying to pay with the new chip-and-PIN credit cards.

My chip-and-PIN mishap happened while I was at my local Target. I was at the front of a long check out line. I saw that there was a chip-and-PIN reader when I went to pay, so I confidently inserted my card, like a pro. As it turns out, the chip-and-PIN system was not set up yet and my transaction was somehow canceled. The cashier had to re-ring me up and it caused a major delay with a long line behind me. I felt so bad, I held up the entire check out line! It was an extremely stressful situation with everyone staring at me with annoyed faces….all because of the chip-and-PIN.

Personally, I think the chip-and-PIN transaction will eventually become smoother and less stressful, but it will take time. Yes, the chip-and-PIN system here is not perfect. It can be stressful. But the chip is helping us get one step closer to protecting sensitive banking information. Again, it will take time, but I do think the payment process will eventually get easier… in time… eventually. Until then, if you have an entertaining chip-and-PIN payment mishap you would like to share, please comment below. We’d love to hear it!

*Fun fact: when you pay with chip-and-PIN and insert your card into the card reader, it’s called dipping.

The Bachelorette – What is the Rodgers Family Beef?


Photo Credit Google Images
Photo Credit Google Images

Hey everyone. My name is Hannah and I am the intern here at the Social Television Network. I don’t know about you, but I am addicted to watching the Bachelorette. I started watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette a long time ago after my dad got me into it. Yes, that’s right, my dad. He got me hooked. I just love all the drama, the backstabbing and the tears. Although I am not a huge fan of reality TV, there is just something about the show that gets me every season!

That being said, I didn’t think that anyone in the office would waste their time watching this crazy reality TV show, so I never talk about it. But when I got into work today, two of my co-workers were talking about Jordan Rodgers. They were talking about what they thought could have created such a rift between Jordan and Aaron Rodgers.

Incase you’re not familiar with the show, Aaron Rodgers’ brother Jordan is one of the men dating the Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher. Last week, Jordan took JoJo home to meet his family. This is something that the final four men do. JoJo met Jordan’s older brother Luke, Luke’s girlfriend, and his parents. But one person was missing – Aaron Rodgers. It seemed like there was a lot of animosity between Aaron and the rest of his family. We knew that Jordan and Aaron don’t get along. But, last week further solidified that there is a massive strain on the Rodgers’ family due to the relationship (or lack there of) with Aaron.

It’s extremely apparent that there is defiantly some family drama. But the question that has been looming in all of our minds is WHY? That’s what Chris and Eric, my co-workers, were trying to figure out. But they are not alone. So many Bachelorette fans are racking their brains for answers. They all want to know, what happened between Aaron and Jordan? Why don’t they like each other? Well here are some of the conspiracies that have been going around my office.

One of the conspiracies floating around the office has to do with Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend, Olivia Munn. Is it possible that she dated the younger, less successful, Rodgers brother first? Some speculate that she and Jordan dated for a while. But at some point, the actress dumped Jordan for his successful brother Aaron. Could that be the reason that there is all this tension in the Rodger’s family?

Another conspiracy could simply be that Rodgers just doesn’t like Olivia Munn. First of all, Munn is a few years older than Aaron, which may or may not have anything to do with this. But, when the couple first started dating, Rodgers wasn’t playing so well. He received a lot of backlash from Packers fans, but he always defended his relationship. It could be possible that the Rodgers’ family had reservations about the relationship, and when Aaron refused to listen to them he ostracized himself from the rest of the family.

A third theory that I have heard discussed about in the office is the fact that fame got to Aaron’s head. As his career kicked off and things started going well for him, it is possible that he started to neglect his family and focus on his new life style, and his new girlfriend. This is extremely plausible and could totally be the reason (or at least part of the reason) Aaron is estranged.

The last theory I heard going around the office is that Aaron could be embarrassed by Jordan. Aaron could be ashamed that his brother isn’t as successful, or that he rides off of his reputation. Aaron could have started being hostile towards Jordan, causing the family to come to Jordan’s defense. Aaron’s actions could have therefore cause a huge rift in the family. This could explain why Aaron is not apart of most family events.

Obviously, this is all speculation. If I had to guess, I would think the relationship strain has something to do with the family disliking Olivia Munn, as well as fame going to Aaron’s head. But that’s just my personal opinion. All I know is I REALLY want to know what the deal is with Aaron and the rest of his family. I need to know, and I think all Bachelorette fans agree! Hopefully, this week’s double feature will help answer this burning question!

Do you have a conspiracy theory about the Rodgers’ family strain? If you do, I would love to hear it. Leave a comment below or email me at intern@stntv.com and let me know what you think!