Social Media Video Marketing – The Future of Advertising

Social Media Video Marketing

Most people want to know what the “next big thing is” in marketing and advertising because they want to stay ahead of their competition. And for good reason; the more traditional forms of advertising continue to become more expensive while their results are in decline. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) which was once the great equalizer for small business advertising online has now become “too expensive” to economically compete with for many small businesses today. Add to this the continued death of the Yellow Pages, the growing expense and complication of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the declining audience of TV and radio and it is little wonder why local businesses are looking for new answers.Social Media Video Marketing

But the answers you seek are no further than what is in our purses and pockets for mobile is changing everything in advertising and it is changing fast!  If you want to stay ahead of your competition you need to consider the following trends. By 2019 in the United States alone:

  • 85% of ALL US internet traffic will be VIDEO
  • 200 Million Americans will be active SOCIAL MEDIA users
  • 239 Million American will be active SMART PHONE users.

When you combine these three facts together, it is easy to see why the combination of video advertising on social media through smart phones is the answer. However, the problem we most often hear from most small businesses today is not that I need to take advantage of this trend but rather where do I go to get started?

The Social Television Network now has the answer by providing the most advanced social media video marketing programs for local businesses today. Our unique and easy-to-use video marketing programs are designed to provide superior advertising returns for local businesses at a low monthly cost that any local business can now afford. Click here to learn more or simply listen to what our customers have to say about the “astronomical” results they are receiving from our services.

We have successfully helped business within every major industry including legal, automotive, housing, finance, personal fitness, healthcare, home services, technology, restaurants, and many more. You can learn more about or unique advertising services by downloading our product brochure or by contacting us directly for a free business marketing analysis and quote at or by calling (480) 967-7088.

And remember: Every business has a story to tell – what’s yours?

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Adopt a Dog in Phoenix – Lizzy & Darcy

adopt a dog in phoenix maricopa county animal care and control adoption shelter rescue pet animal

This week at Maricopa Animal Care and Control we met Lizzy and Darcy. Lizzy is very outgoing, friendly and fun. She loves belly rubs and giving kisses. Darcy absolutely loves attention, and he’s an energetic ball of fun! He’s a sweetheart. Check out Lizzy and Darcy!

 For more information about Lizzy & Darcy, or the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control Center:

Lizzy’s A Number: A3812691
Darcy’s A Number: A3812692

Phone: (602) 506 -7387

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