UPCOMING: New McQuaid Mission Episode Available September 13th

Episode 17: The Path To Housing

This series was created to continue Mike McQuaid’s mission to end homelessness here in the Valley.  McQuaid believed the problem could be solved, but he also knew it would take a community working together to achieve this goal.   STN, in collaboration with the Human Services Campus, is working to shine a light on the challenges and, more importantly, the solutions.   
For many experiencing homelessness, the path to housing is not always a quick or easy journey.  What are some of the roadblocks and how can we make the process better?  We will sit down with one expert to talk about strategy as well as opportunities.  
Plus, we go inside the organization “ELAINE” for a look at how lives are being changed one ride at a time. 

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Michelle Miguel

Single Adults Coordinated Entry, Compliance Coordinator / Human Services Campus 

Eric Barr 

Executive Director, ELAINE 


Producers & Hosts:

Eric Sperling 

Founder & Managing Director, STN

Amy Schwabenlender 

Executive Director, Human Services Campus

Shana Ellis

Executive Director, ASU Action Nexus