You bought all the equipment and assembled a talented internal video content team only to realize your organization still struggles with strategy and consistency. We see this problem in nearly every organization ranging from larger Fortune 500 companies down to local small businesses. No matter what resources you may have, most companies simply fail to strategically manage and measure the entire process of content creation on a consistent basis resulting in poor content and poor results. Well, now we have a solution to this growing problem…



Content Navigator is designed with one objective in mind: to help businesses become their own media company.  To help you accomplish this, we will show you how adopting social television strategies and formats can consistently deliver innovative video content to attract and engage your customers. Each month we will provide our Content Navigator clients with the following services:

  • Provide video content design, storyboarding, development and directional support.
  • Consult on proven video distribution techniques to enhance promotion and viewership.
  • A monthly video content analysis, measurement and recommendations report.
  • Conduct video content strategy calls that take place on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Create ideal customer profile building.
  • Create and manage a 12-month video content marketing calendar for your organization (Pro and Premier level only).


Content Navigator is offered to organizations at three service levels: Starter, Pro, and Premier. Below is a grid of the deliverables offered by each:


At STNTV, we manage and measure more video marketing content and campaigns in one month than most companies will do in their lifetime. The results we provide our clients has led to national recognition for our work including being designed as one of Facebook’s top 5 planning agencies in the US based on our own clients’ performance. Our experienced and Emmy Award winning staff work daily with many of the top organizations and brands in the United States and now you can utilize our resources and expertise to help your organization produce world-class and award-winning content that will help your grow your business.


If you would like to learn more about how STNTV’s Content Navigator can help your organization produce world-class video content and results, please call us today at (480) 967-7088.

Frequently asked questions (faq's)

Q: How can this service work with our existing video resources?

A: As organizations continue to grow in their use of video, many are now adding their own video equipment, facilities, and personnel but still lack the strategic direction as to how best to utilize what they have and what they need in order to produce quality video content that will help them grow. That is where Content Navigator can help. Our service is designed to help strategically direct and manage many of the resources you currently have or need in order to make sure your video content strategy is consistently successful.


Q:  Who will be assigned as the content navigator for my organization?

A: You will be assigned a primary content navigator within STNTV who will serve as your key point of content. Your content navigator will also be supported by additional resources at STNTV as needed on your account.


Q: Which service level is right for our organization?

A: The best service level for your organization is dependent on the desired amount of video content produced and managed by or for your organization. We will conduct an initial assessment of your needs and when in doubt, we will suggest that you start at the “Starter” service level and simply advance up to more advanced levels if needed.


Q: How do we pay for this service?

A: STNTV’s Content Navigator Service is paid for as a flat-fee on a monthly basis with no long-term commitments. If at any time you wish to discontinue the service, you can simply request to cancel services starting the month following the month of your cancellation notification. This service is billed in advance of the month of service and can be paid through our standard billing options.


Q: What if we already have a videographer?

A: Great! Many of our clients have teams of videographers and editors but still lack the video content organization, creation, utilization, and extensive experience our navigators can provide to your team. Our service is designed to help assess and work with your current video resources to help them perform better.

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