The Future of BRAND JOURNALISM Has Now Arrived!

With traditional news viewership plummeting, staff is getting slashed in newsrooms across the country which means the media doesn’t have the time to tell your company’s story anymore. But just because your story doesn’t get picked up by a news outlet, doesn’t mean it isn’t a story worth sharing. Your story can and should be told and now we have made it possible with STNTV’s unique and industry-leading FunnelPoint® Brand Journalism.


With people now consuming more content online over watching TV, there has never been a better and more effective way for you to directly connect with today’s consumer. There is no need to rely on a news outlet to tell your story anymore. With STNTV’s Brand Journalism, you can create a compelling and visually appealing news piece and reach thousands of people without ever even pitching your story to a news station.


Unlike traditional forms for content marketing, brand journalism is uniquely designed to generate high levels of credibility, awareness and discovery in the early stages of today’s consumer journey to your brand, products and services. Businesses that utilize our brand journalism services commonly see the following benefits: 


  • Increased levels of brand, product and/or service awareness and affinity
  • Increased levels of consumer engagement and brand interaction
  • Highly targeted audience refinement along with advanced retargeting
  • Significant overall business growth from both new and existing customers 

Businesses that currently use STNTV’s Brand Journalism services are seeing rapid growth in both brand and product/service awareness to where many are now telling us they are now having their “best months ever.” 



The Social Television Network (STNTV) started telling stories on behalf of brands back in 2012 and has now grown into one of the largest and most advanced video brand journalism companies in the nation. We were also recently designated as one of Facebook’s top 5 planning agencies in the US. As a result, we now work alongside marketing teams across the country and in all business segments today including healthcare, legal, home services, auto, restaurants, dental, and many more.


Our team of Emmy award-winning anchors, producers and photojournalists work alongside corporate teams to pinpoint the most newsworthy aspect of their company’s work, craft a message, and create a high caliber video news piece. The best part of our strategy is you don’t have to wonder if anyone saw your story when it aired. Using the power of FunnelPoint®, STNTV’s Brand Journalism can guarantee that tens of thousands of social media users will see your story.

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