eMarketer_AdSpending2A recent quarterly spending forecast by eMarkerter indicates that TV ad spending is expected to decline to a third of the total ad market share by 2020. The biggest projected advertising gains are expected to be made in digital (15.4% growth in 2016) and mobile (38% growth in 2016). According to the report, TV ad spending is expected to grow modestly at around 2% over the coming years but as a share of total marketing spend, it is expected to drop below one-third of the total ad spending share in the US for the first time ever.

What does all this data mean for local business advertising?

  • As smart phone users in the US are expected to exceed 237 million by 2019, advertising reach will need to match the mobile demand market growth.
  • As social media users in the US are expected to exceed 200 million by 2019, advertising reach will move from traditional broadcast to on-demand and social.
  • Traditional broadcast TV ads will continue to decline in reach as on-demand, recording devices, social media, and mobile usage continues to grow.
  • With 85% of all internet content expected to be video by 2019, content-based advertising on social and mobile will continue to decline in effectiveness while video continues to grow. eMarketer_AdSpending1

To learn more about how your local business can now take advantage of all of these trends and changes in local advertising, contact The Social Television Network today at www.stntv.com or (844) 785-0785 to learn more about how we can help you stay ahead of your competition...

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