Facebook’s New Moto: “Video First”

Facebook’s New Moto: “Video First”

In 2012, Facebook took a “mobile first” focus and the results are in: more than 1 billion people now access Facebook from a mobile phone each day. This accounts for 91% of people who now use Facebook. Clearly businesses are also taking notice with mobile ad revenues increasing by 80% to $5.2 Billion of Facebook’s reported revenues. This represents 84% of all of Facebook’s advertising sales revenues.

Facebook Video Marketing
Facebook Video Marketing

“We see a world that’s Video First, with video at the heart of all of our apps and services” – Mark Zuckerberg

But the bigger news out of Facebook’s recent earnings results was not mobile but rather video. Over the past four years, Facebook built for a future based on mobile and clearly they succeeded. Now that people are on mobile, they are trying to take the lead in the next big wave: video. Why? Because people now want to watch on their mobile devices and not read. For Facebook this also means going after the traditionally lucrative TV advertising market which is still larger than digital. But that is quickly changing…

“Using the Social Television Network we have seen astronomical results” – Chris Pace, Director of Digital Strategy, Dignity Health

Digital video marketing is clearly the hottest trend in marketing today providing superior results to traditional advertising on TV, Radio, and even website content marketing. Video now provides a 41% higher conversion rate than written text as well. But don’t just take our word for it, just listen to what our customers have to say…

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