Many businesses today run all types of digital advertising ranging from Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media, Blog Posts, Press Releases, etc. These ads can typically cost a lot of money (especially PPC) to drive traffic to you yet most companies still make the mistake of sending these ads to their websites which leads to lower conversions.


Because websites are designed for organic search visibility and conversion – not off-site advertising conversion. As a result some of the more experiencedLunch_Learn_Landing_Page_Example marketers have learned that the use of dedicated landing pages can convert this traffic much higher – often times up to 100% higher than standard website pages. But with the proliferation of mobile and social media the types of content that people now prefer and covert the highest are video based – and so should be your landing pages.

Eye View Digital completed a study that tested landing page conversion rates and found that landing pages with videos convert 32-80% higher than the same pages without video. These numbers are particularly strong in mobile devices where people prefer to watch over reading.

The types of videos that convert the highest on landing pages depend on the temperature of the audience you are trying to convert. COLD audiences (unaware of you and/or your services) react best to informational and entertaining videos that help answer the question “what is in it for me?” while HOT audiences (that already aware of you) convert better to more detailed videos of products, services, and companies – helping them answer the question of “are they right for me?”

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