The Social Television Network (STNTV) is happy to announce the beginning of our new FunnelPoint™ ad campaign for Dental Brothers with offices based in Mesa and Phoenix Arizona


Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a stressful experience and that is what one the main reasons why The Dental Brothers sets themselves apart from other dentists in greater Phoenix/Mesa Arizona. Their unique ability to deal with “high fear” patients along with their advanced in-house labs and one-location treatment options are some of the many reasons that makes them unique and why they are now working with STNTV so we will help tell their story and better place that story in front of their ideal customers.


Due to their unique services offered, The Dental Brothers will now utilize our unique FunnelPoint™ marketing program to reach very specific types of customers that better meet their ideal client profiles (or Avatars). FunnelPoint™ now allows both geographic and demographic micro-targeting and retargeting of the Dental Brothers ideal clients to help maximize and convert all of their marketing dollars spent ranging from their traditional forms of marketing to our advanced social media video marketing programs.


In working with STNTV, the Dental Brothers goal was to both growth the quantity and quality of new customers for their growing practice and locations. By utilizing our unique FunnelPoint™ marketing program, we will now be able to help support their objectives with the goal of providing the higher Return-On-Investment for their marketing budget. In their initial informative videos, The Dental Brothers also helps consumers answer such questions as:


At STNTV, we help local businesses grow by providing the most advanced video marketing and advertising on the web, mobile, and social media that produces unprecedented and incredible results. But don’t just take our word for it. CLICK HERE to listen to what our customers are saying about their own results working with STNTV!

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