The Social Television Network (STNTV) announces the opening of their new dedicated Facebook Live studio providing local businesses with one of the leading Facebook Live filming and production capabilities and programs in the United States.

Our complete Facebook Live program services include the following:Sharon Stone Facebook Live

  • Full Facebook Live multi-channel program promotion services in advance of your broadcast
  • Full program planning and timing for each event for optimal audience participation and reach
  • Emmy nominated and award winning on-air talent and production staff including the creation of custom program scripts and program management
  • Industry leading equipment, studios, and strong connection speeds for optimal and professional Facebook Live streaming
  • Direct broadcast audience interaction and call-outs during production
  • Full program analytics and recording for reuse, re-purposing, and reproduction of your Facebook Live video content

Contact us today to learn more…

If you or your business would like to learn more about STNTV’s industry-leading Facebook Live programs and how we can help your business, please contact us today. We provide a free Facebook Live initial strategy call to determine if and how Facebook live services can benefit your business. Call us today (480) 719-8660.



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The Social Television Network Corporate Headquarters

920 E. Madison Street, Ste 170, Phoenix, AZ 85034

 (480) 967-7088

(844) 785-0758 (toll Free)

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