Visualize Your Ideal Self From A New Perspective

Now that we’ve had a little time to integrate some of the healing we’ve been working on together, the natural next best step includes taking inventory of what we’ve accomplished so far on our healing path, and then re-envisioning who we are now…at our next level, as our more healed selves.

Guided Visualization

Think back over the past few episodes, and recall how these things have resonated with you:

  • • What were your answers to the important HEALING questions we asked?
  • • How did you take intuitive and inspired action to start aligning with your most authentic, ideal self?
  • • What old, stuck energies within your mind and emotions has sound healing helped clear for you? How have you started rebalancing your energies and thoughts in the New?

After we take inventory, introducing another powerful technique called visualization can help us imagine and embrace our next level and our place within it. Re-visualizing our future from our NEW, more healed perspective is a tool that the best of the best – the most successful people – tend to use, some even on a daily basis.  

You can follow along with me for a visualization where you meet your most authentic, ideal self from 5 years from now in the video above. Here, I ask you to take note of a few things about your ideal self, including:

  • • What are they wearing?
  • • How do they look?
  • • How do they approach you?
  • • How do they make you feel?

With the opportunity to speak with this version of yourself, you’re then able to ask some key questions to help you bridge the gap between who and where you are now and embodying this version you’re meeting from 5 years from now:

  • • How do they spend their favorite days?
  • • What is their greatest piece of advice for you right now?
  • • Lastly, what is one more thing they want you to know to help you get from here… to there – your ideal, most authentic and aligned you and this NEW level.

Taking the time to see and consider the broader picture and higher perspective helps us know what to aim for, so we can begin making decisions that actually help us align with our target, one decision at a time, day by day. Once we see it, we can believe and then achieve it. 

Consider what changes you can begin making now, and – with a mindful approach – you can become who you want to be sooner, easier, and more effortlessly than you have previously imagined.

Believe yourself, believe in yourself, and become who you were born to be now. It’s possible for you.

 I’ll see you – as an even more healed and more aligned you – at our next healing session.