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Guiding Principles of Leadership with Jevin Hodge

Jevin Hodge is a nonprofit leader, a business leader, motivational speaker, business coach and has even run for a political office. By day, Hodge serves as the National Engagement Coordinator for LINK Strategic Partners based in Washington, D.C. 
Hodge has three principles for leadership that have guided him throughout all his endeavors.
His first principle is “leading with love” and injecting love into everything he does.
“Creating space” is Hodge’s second principle. By this, he means ensuring everyone has a seat at the table and that the voiceless are given a voice. “Those often closest to the pain need to be closest to the seat of power because they are going to provide solutions that are going to impact lives,” he said.
Hodge credits his passion for giving a voice to the voiceless to the guidance his mother gave him and highlighted her mantra: “your fingerprints never fade from the lives that you touch”.
Having “realistic solutions” is his final principle. “Having realistic solutions is what I use to get me to that ending goal,” he said.
Hodge is only 27 years old and is often the youngest person in the room in most business settings. While he is the youngster in many scenarios, he has enthusiasm for the next generation of leaders and shared his thought on Gen Z.
“There’s a certain ingenuity about the way this generation thinks, operates, problem solves that inspires me to be part of it,” he said. “This upcoming generation has more educational resources than any other generation.”
Hodge also offered some fascinating insight into our current situation of having five generations in our society at the same time and the potential available to all of us if we can find ways to work together.
Check out Jevin Hodge’s full interview on the latest edition of ‘Arizona Achievers’.

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