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A series of conversations exploring the value of mentorship on overall mental health

The significance of addressing the well-being of teens and young adults in terms of mental health can’t be overstated. A concern that has emerged in recent times is the detrimental impact of social media. These platforms, while connecting individuals globally, have also brought about problems affecting the mental health of young minds. This trend is intertwined with the prevailing issues in the education system.

Arizona’s education ranking highlights the need for reform and improvement. The education sector has not been immune to the disruptive effects of the ongoing pandemic. The combination of COVID-19’s influence on education and socialization has led to reevaluating traditional learning methods and the overall well-being of students.

In The Room originated as a safe place for courageous conversations. The driving force behind this initiative is to recognize the landscape, encompassing social media, education structures, legislative frameworks, and community dynamics, has a profound impact on the younger generation. Through insightful dialogues with young individuals and influential figures from various sectors, the series seeks to shed light on youth mental health, mentoring, and overall well-being.

In essence, In The Room is a catalyst for nurturing future leaders and fostering a supportive environment for them to thrive. It serves as an instrument for developing leaders and their mentors. It acts as a lens through which to comprehend the intricacies of young people. By dissecting the influences at play, this facilitates an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

36% of Arizona teens between 9th and 12th grades say their mental health has been “poor” in recent times.

Source: Arizona Youth Risk Behavior Survey (2021)

In the Room is part of It Happens at STN, a local news hour dedicated to community growth and actionable solutions. 

Each month, leaders engage in bold conversations surrounding mental health and mentorship.


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