About STN

A Rallying point for people who want to Make a difference

We began as a collection of local TV journalists who felt our industry had simply run its course and offered little value in providing what the community needed to thrive.

Today, STN creates content that brings together community leaders to share their leadership philosophies and active efforts to make a difference. Everyday there are leaders fighting on the front lines to improve community life, but there wasn’t a platform to deliver these stories. Everything we create is for you. Your community. Your leaders. Your opportunities. 

Our Mission

Creating a better local media experience

Our work is bigger than our egos. We are growing this company for our community, and our positive impact is our greatest success metric.

What STN Believes

Our Values

  • Mindset: Mission Over Everything
  • Soul: Altruistic
  • Spirit: Entrepreneurial
  • Instinct: Recalibration
  • Atmosphere: Secure
  • Attitude: Hungry


Our work is bigger than our egos. Positive impact on our local community is our success metric.

Our employees are encouraged to donate their time to volunteer with local nonprofits because being an active part of our community is an important part of working at STN.

Team & Contributors


Producer, Host

Robin Reed

Multimedia Designer

Braxton Apana

Founder, Managing Director

Eric Sperling

Producer, Host

Lloyd Hopkins

Producer, Host

Ashley LaRae

Nataly Rodriguez
Producer, Host

Nataly Rodriguez

Producer, Host

Monica Villalobos

Alan Cisneros
Production Assistant

Alan Cisneros

Executive Producer, Host

Kristen Keogh

Media Development Director

Rachel Andrews

Production Manager

Carlos Baca

Technical Producer

Jeremy Isaac

Jevin Hodge
Producer, Host

Jevin Hodge

Technical Director

Josh Karlin

Amy Schwabenlender
Producer, Host

Amy Schwabenlender

Host/Managing Producer

Chris Coraggio

Production Director

Jody Isaac

Executive Producer

Kathy Clark

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