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Make Mistakes Matter

New Leadership

“It’s been amazing to kind of run into this pandemic right as I got going,” says Brian Lee, President and CEO of Landings Credit Union. 

Lee took over executive leadership of the company in January 2020, right before the COVID-19 shutdowns. After his former boss retired at the end of 2019. 

Lee is born and raised in Arizona, he’s and Arizona State University alumni and is prideful of his roots in the state. 

“Leadership really involves a collection of experiences, we bring our own experiences we grow up with, we have jobs, different opportunities to lead and then we eventually get to this point of what our own leadership style is.”

Taking a Chance

It’s one thing to enter into a new leadership role after someone leaves a position they held for a long time. 

It’s another thing to do it at the beginning of a global pandemic. 

“It’s finding those right opportunities, continuing to evolve, and it’s looking within and saying ‘how do I take this experience, like a pandemic, and learn from it and grow, and use those lessons learned to move forward,” says Lee. 

Landings Credit Union has over 14,000 and locations in Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe. 

During his first year as an executive Lee has grappled with concept of making mistakes and how to far to extend the true nature of a growth mindset. 

Lee has had to establish which mistakes are worth making for himself and the company. He’s also had to determine how far he can extend the same mentality to his employees. 

“Do we allow ourselves to take a chance and get outside our comfort zone so that we can make a mistake? But, then also recover from it, and then learn from it,” says Lee. 


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