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Our managing director Eric Sperling gives a breakdown of what to expect from the STN app and how it can help you re-invent the way you make an impact.

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We believe that the media you consume shapes the community you live in. Our goal is to get you connected with your local audience and the local leaders that are truly making a difference in your community with real stories to connect you to elevate your hustle.


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Fortunate Failures

“It doesn’t matter what job you are doing, how high on the ladder you are or how low, whatever job it is DO YOUR BEST”.

The road to success has stop signs where you face some unfortunate decisions that can alter your destiny.

Burning the candles at both ends, Robin tells his story of his greatest lesson.


Lead with Kindness

“At the beginning and end of any day, if you treat people the way you want to be treated, you will find that there are ripples of goodness that come from that.”

Why is it is imperative we view kindness as a path to goodness, not weakness?

Mi-Ai Parrish shares her philosophy on kindness.


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Fortunate Failures


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Lessons in Leadership

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Leading in the Moment

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