Run Your Company Like A Buffalo

Over fifteen years ago, Jason Franklin and Matt Altman co-founded a valley sportswear apparel company called Sportiqe. They grew the company quickly with a unique set of leadership skills and a joined passion for providing a much needed product.

Jason joined us on Arizona Achievers to talk about learning lessons in business early on and applying those lessons even after a substantial amount of success. Sportiqe is now a global company that has partnerships with many large organizations including the NBA and Nintendo.

The company logo is a buffalo for a very specific reason as Jason explains during the segment.

He also talks about the need for business owners to expand and adjust to the needs of consumers in a way that is practical and innovative. 

Of course, like everyone, the pandemic provided a huge challenge to Sportiqe, especially since the company just completed the construction of a large production facility in Phoenix in late 2019. The pandemic forced Jason to find ways to keep that production facility operating during the crisis. Creativity is a big key and being able to manage in a difficult time is where real leaders rise to the occasion. 

Jason Franklin is indeed an Arizona Achiever and the success of Sportiqe and the continued evolvement of the company is a big reason why.