LIVE EPISODE: Community Collaborative Ep. 9

TCC Live Promo November 16th

Episode 9: The Community Challenge November 16th at 12pm

This week’s Community Collaborative episode is all about you – our viewers! Join us LIVE on YouTube as we roll out our NEW Community Collaborative Challenge, and discover how you can get involved!

For the past few months, we’ve discussed the state of diversity, equity and inclusion in our community. You have listened. You have learned. But in the end, only actions will move the needle. The Community Collaborative Challenge guides you into taking your first steps and challenges you to do the work.

We should also mention there will be another round giveaways during the show. You can enter to win in the form below! 

If you have more questions after the show, feel free to email us or reach out on social media for resources. We want you to get involved and get in the conversation today!


  • Monica Villalobos, CEO, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Robin Reed, CEO, Black Chamber of Arizona
  • Tim Overton, Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Dickinson Wright PLLC 
  • Bridget Pettis, Founder, Project Roots AZ, Former WNBA Player & Coach
  • Ashley LaRae Sampson, Founder, StylePHX
  • Eric Sperling, Founder & Managing Director, STN


Monday, November 16th at 12 p.m.

Stream the show live on YouTube.


It will last about 30 minutes AND include live giveaways!


This week’s giveaways include dinner for two at Alexi’s Grill on Central valued at $100 and a $50 gift certificate from Purple Gurl’s Popcorn. 

Producers & Hosts:

Robin Reed

CEO, Black Chamber of Arizona

Monica Villalobos

CEO, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Eric Sperling

Founder & Managing Director, STN


Tim Overton - Diversity & inclusion expert
Tim Overton

D&I Expert

Bridget Pettis

Founder, Project Roots AZ, Former WNBA Player & Coach

Ashley LaRae Sampson
Ashley LaRae Sampson

Founder, StylePHX

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