Episode 5: urban farming


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Episode five is all about urban farming.

Greg Peterson, founder of the Urban Farm, teaches us about the basic benefits of growing food at home from reducing food miles to increasing the nutrition in your diet.

We learn about Project Roots AZ and how former WNBA player Bridget Pettis is helping get fresh organic food to the most vulnerable members of our community. 

We take you to Tucson where a food forest is growing as part of an effort to identify causes of hunger and provide food in lower income neighborhoods.

Quita Jackson, founder and host of Greendesert.org, tells us her top tips for starting your own urban garden, even in the Arizona desert.

Also from Greendesert.org, Shane Purcell joins us for a deep discussion about the fragile mass farming practices in our country and what needs to change in order to keep future generations fed.

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Greg Peterson

Founder, The Urban Farm

Quita Jackson

Founder & Host, GreenDesert.org


Producers & Hosts:

Kristen Keogh

Kristen Keogh

Host + Producer

Mike Peel/ Statewide Sustainability Director, Local First Arizona

Mike Peel

Statewide Sustainability Director, Local First Arizona

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