3 Keys to Well-Rounded Decision Making For Business Leaders

Business leadership often requires an analytical and methodical thought process before making a decision. However, the balance of emotion and reason is what allows leaders to make decisions they believe in and can follow-through with.

Decisions are made constantly. Making the right one every single time is impossible. But there are a few primary rules before making a big one–especially for leaders who have an organization depending on them.

In this article, we share three approaches to well-rounded decision making. These proactive decision-making tips were selected for the leader who wants to guarantee a positive impact is made on their organization and its stakeholders regardless of how challenging the decisions are.

Great Leaders Are Great Decision Makers

Great leaders and engaged employees are empowered by the decision making process. The harder the decisions, the more confident you become. Jesse O. Garcia, CSO of Adelante Healthcare, empowers his employees to be confident in order to help them have better decision-making skills.

Garcia says “ I have [employees] go around the organization and talk to as many people as they can. Ask them what their roles are, what their projects are–even if it doesn’t directly relate to what they’re doing”.

As a results, they are equipped with greater awareness of their network, multiple functions of the organization, and the confidence to approach unfamiliar situations. Garcia explains how this exercise helps employees to step into their power and be able to take action when the time to make a decision arises.

“I have [employees] go around the organization and talk to as many people as they can. Ask them what their roles are, what their projects are--even if it doesn’t directly relate to what they’re doing”.

1. Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is fundamental to effective leadership. A higher EQ leads to better communication, problem-solving, effective team effort, and the ability to foster genuine professional relationships and experiences.

When it comes to decision making, great leaders rely on EQ as much as they do quantitative analysis.

Emotional intelligence may not lead to the final say but it can aid in the timing and delivery of a final verdict. Consider it decision-making etiquette. Simultaneously, allowing EQ to lead the way helps gather supporters.

When you establish a strong sense of emotional intelligence, decisions will not be made in haste or due to a lack of self or emotional control. With a developed EQ, your self-awareness will be the primary influence on your behavior. 

2. Trust Your Intuition

Along with self-awareness and emotional intelligence comes one of the most powerful tools often forgotten in the business world–intuition. Trusting your gut comes from the ability to rely on your experience in decision-making.

Making yourself an expert decision-maker creates a strong and reliable intuition. Your sixth sense can prevent overthinking and overspending on a solution or answer. It can guide you on who may be appropriate to partner with, who to delegate a task to, and where to draw resources from. The beneficial guidance of a well-tamed intuition is immeasurable.

3. Manage Uncertainty

Navigating risk and uncertainty takes half the time if you don’t brainstorm a thousand different possible outcomes. There are only so many uncertain interferences that can be predetermined. Accept that no matter what the future and outcome of your decision remain unknown.

For the best possible outcome, forego all uncertain and ambiguous information, apply the previous two tips, and remain agile.

When was the last time your role required a challenging decision to be made? What would you have done differently? With greater emotional intelligence, the ability to trust your intuition, and not taking too long to make a call–your decision-making muscle strengthens and so do you as a leader.

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