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New name, new brand identity for Human Services Campus

HSC announces changes for campus and parent organization in early 2024

PHOENIX, Ariz. (STN) – It appears that 2024 will be a year of change for one of the most well-known organizations on the front lines of the fight against homelessness in the greater Phoenix area.

Since its opening at 12th and Madison in 2005, the Human Services Campus has assisted in sheltering and rehousing thousands of people experiencing homelessness by providing a variety of collaborative services at one downtown Phoenix site.

In early 2024, both the Human Services Campus and its parent organization, Human Services Campus, Inc., are poised to adopt brand new names. According to the HSC website, Human Services Campus, Inc. will become Keys to Change, and the campus itself will be known as Key Campus.

HSC says that these upcoming changes are the result of a three-year process involving outside consultation and a working group comprised of HSC board and staff. The goal was to create a new name and brand identity that accurately reflects the “energy and ambition of our goals” and “the breadth of services we provide both now and may provide in the future.”

They hope the new brand captures the personality of the organization as a “compassionate connector” while reinforcing its role in ending homelessness. Officials also aim to alleviate any past confusion resulting from the parent organization and the campus having the same name.

While the new names, taglines, and logos are visible on the current Human Services Campus website, the official name changes are expected to be announced as part of a panel discussion during the February episode of “It Happens at STN.” Subsequent changes to the website and materials are anticipated in the coming months.

HSC says that with the name and branding evolution, the “mission, vision and commitment to those we serve and to ending homelessness remains steadfast.”

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