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How to Break Through When You’ve Hit a Wall

We’ve all had experience hitting that famous metaphorical wall that holds us back from accomplishing our goals. First, the pressure builds, and the discomfort gets heavy. Next, the fear kicks in, then the worry, the anxiety, the confusion, and bam – the Wall. Now you’re stuck, and moving past it and onto the next level feels daunting. The level we’ve worked so hard to reach is suddenly out of reach. You feel blocked, and are staring right at the wall.

How do you break through to the other side of these walls we face over and over again? The good news is: it doesn’t have to hold you back or put you behind. In this healing session, I share some ways you can work to move past your walls, so you can break free to the other side. I also introduce you to one of my favorite forms of natural healing, and I take you on a quick sound healing journey with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

So, how can we heal our own blockages to break past what seems to keep us stuck? Here are a few of the things we discussed:

  1. Stand back and shift your frame of thinking. Understand that a “breakthrough” is actually a more aligned YOU breaking free to a new, even more authentic you. The fact that you feel a wall in the first place means you’ve been kept in and want to get out – and likely, you’re tired and have run out of gas just before the finish line 
  2. Rest and Nurture Yourself. Often the single most effective and productive trick to break past the pressure and into FREEDOM is simply to rest and nurture yourself. Do more of what brings you deep, inner rest. Maybe it’s naps, walks, dancing, or just laughing more. You’re the leader of your self, so take the time to honor and love yourself as though YOU – not your tasks, worries, job, or company – YOU are truly #1. Lead yourself by having the courage to sit in this space of the discomfort and confusion of the wall, and you just may notice it dissipate right before your very eyes.
  3. Dismantle the lies. This one starts and ends with your mind and belief system. Dismantle the lies and illusions within and around you. Find the cracks, and fill them in with your power. For example, where do you feel shaky? What is confusing you? Where is the fear? Can you identify the root of this? Where are you in contradiction
  4. Look at the pros and cons of the breakthrough you’re on the brink of. By taking an honest look at what you’re facing, you can assess and often offset its cons by reminding yourself that you chose this path for a reason, and you can handle what’s on the other side.
  5. Trust yourself to make the best decisions for yourself in each moment. You’ve gotten yourself this far, you can take yourself everywhere you need to go.

Now that we have a few things to consider for ourselves and our own walls, limitations, breakthroughs, and freedom, we can start tapping into additional forms of healing to ease our nervous system, reset our energy, and reprogram our outdated, limiting beliefs. One of my favorite natural tools for healing is sound. When we combine sound healing with an energy focus, we can expedite our efforts in clearing internal blockages so we can truly breakthrough.

If you decide to take your healing to deeper levels, you can dive into the esoteric rabbit hole and learn more about your Crown Chakra to help you break past your walls (internally first, then around you). This metaphysical energy center is a great focus for clearing some restricting beliefs & illusions about yourself and your success as well as unblocking some kinks within your mentality. Working on the Crown Chakra helps us clear and open our minds to new ideas, solutions, opportunities, and vision – as we align with our most authentic, ideal self to coast to the next level of this journey.

 See you for our next healing session!

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