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How to Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown by Learning to Trust Yourself

OSM Ep3, Fear of the Unknown

One of the greatest blockages we have to overcome is fearing the unknown, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs. It can be hard to feel confident in our decisions about the future when things are changing so quickly around us with so much out of our control. The future can feel truly unpredictable, and this can be a scary place to sit (but that’s okay, just don’t remain sitting in it). Having courage to step forward onto our path despite what’s happening around us doesn’t mean we don’t FEEL the fear, it just means we learn how to do it anyway.

That’s true bravery. It’s what all great legends and warriors do, but how do they move past this block? How do they move out of the murk and into the clarity. From fear to freedom?

In this episode, I share 3 critical areas we can focus on to break past the fear of the unknown and learn how to trust ourselves:

  • • Alignment
  • • Intuition
  • • Trust


As with all things worth pursuing, we start with alignment…alignment with yourself, your authenticity, and an awareness of your true power and strength within and around you.

Take a look at your path so far. Sometimes you followed others and went places that didn’t feel authentic to you. Sometimes you veered in the wrong direction. But mostly, you followed your intuition and that’s how you got here, to this point right now. Take a moment to reflect on the times you followed your intuition, despite what seemed to “make sense” to others…and  it turned out PERFECTLY for you. You can probably easily compare this to the times you didn’t follow your intuition, and it didn’t go well. This is exactly what alignment looks like. You stay true to yourself, by any means necessary, and you will make your mark.


We get easily trapped when we aren’t following our intuition. The first thought you have, the truest feeling that overwhelms all else, these are the things we must learn to listen to and follow. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Don’t fill yourself with doubts. Trust yourself first and foremost.  We often allow the confines and expectations of society to seep in and take over our intuition, but we really need to learn to follow our true guidance system. That whisper or nudge…that’s you telling yourself how to move forward, despite the fear or anxiety of what’s next.


As long as you trust yourself, you can easily start to follow your intuition. If you trust yourself, know that as you follow your intuition, you will never be taken where you’re not meant to be. Intuition = Internal GPS. You can go against it, and you have in the past, but that’s when you detour off your path. Slow down and take time to connect and listen to yourself.

There’s a reason YOU’RE YOU.  Tap into that power, your true purpose, and follow your intuition to get exactly where you’re meant to be, feeling exactly how you’re meant to feel, doing what you’re meant to do. Replace fear with the courage to trust your intuition, whether you know the future outcome or not. Trusting yourself  will take you where you need to go, if you allow it.

Remember: We can trust ourselves, we can trust our intuition, and we can peel back the layers of any lies telling us otherwise, so we can move forward powerfully, even in the dark. No need to suffer in the fear of what’s to come, we are what’s to come 🙂 Let’s continue healing our own limitations (fear), first from within and overflowing out and around.

Sound Healing

To aid our ability to heal our fear of the unknown, we took some time in this episode to work on healing our Root (Base) Chakra with a quick sound healing session. This chakra helps us feel more secure, safe, and grounded, like a tree rooting deep into Mother Earth – immovable yet swaying with the wind just the same.

The higher we go, the deeper we must allow our foundation to dig in and spread out, and this takes trust in our ability to expand, dive deeper, and fly higher.

Taking a few moments daily to relax, rest our energy, and allow  healing (in all forms) is key to true satisfaction & inspiration – to true personal power – so thank you for doing your part to heal and gain a stronger awareness of your own blockages today. Another simple reminder: As we continue to breathe deep inhalations and full exhalations, we can let the new in, and the old out. We release to receive, even in simple moments of breathing.

I’ll see you soon for another healing session.

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