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Looking to The Matrix for Leadership Inspiration

The Wachowski Sisters’ The Matrix trilogy is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular franchises of all time. It’s as relevant and timely now as it was back in 1999. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), one of the core three characters, showed tremendous leadership as a figurehead of a freedom movement. 

Here are some reasons why leaders should look to The Matrix’s Morpheus for inspiration.

Morpheus was persistent

Despite the pervading chaos surrounding him, Morpheus still devoted his life to finding “The One” – the destined human that would bring an end to the Machine War. 

Leadership requires a certain tenacity – having the patience to accept different kinds of personalities. In addition, you must have persistence when trying to overcome frustration or allowing negative emotions to cloud your judgment. When we instill persistence in our team, we teach them the skills they need to overcome obstacles that stand in their way.

Morpheus was passionate

Morpheus was immensely passionate when it came to helping humans regain their autonomy. He wholeheartedly believed in his mission.

If you believe in the work you are doing, let your team witnesses that passion in action. If they are a good fit for the company, they’ll find their own passion ignited by yours. 

Stan Sipes, Executive VP of Veyo, explains how Morpheus inspired him to be a better leader

“The reason that it’s got such a draw for me is because of that persistence, because of that passion, because of that unique vision that he just never gave up. And he was able to get others to go along with him.”

Morpheus rallied people to his cause

There’s strength in numbers. Morpheus was charismatic and he used that charisma when bringing people over to the cause.

Morpheus steadfastly remained true to the revolution. Not to mention, he instilled hope in those around him.

You want your employees to work as a cohesive team. Not to mention, you want to be someone people want to work for. Live and breathe the work. You shouldn’t have an issue rallying your employees together if you act as a true example of persistence and passion.

Also, when a promotion opportunity presents itself, reward loyalty. Promote people from within that you trust to make decisions on your behalf.

Morpheus never lost sight of his goal

It’s possible to lose sight of an objective while in the trenches. Encourage your employees to set realistic goals for themselves. Then, you can set a collective goal as a team.

Urge them to keep that goal in mind while working – whether they be smaller, daily goals or an overarching goal. Having those goals is a great motivator. Ensuring your employees adhere to their goals will keep them continuously focused. And, vice versa, you want to set goals for yourself.

Maintain a steady flow of productivity. If you elevate team morale, you’ll find that productive mindset will flourish. In addition, those aforementioned goals will remain in sight.

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