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Understanding Your Anger

With all that’s happening within and around us, many people are trying to understand how to deal with their difficult emotions in a healthy way. While many things are bubbling up toward the surface now, one of the main issues I see people grappling with is how to address the deep sense of anger they can feel inside.

Acknowledging is Key to Healing

In this episode, we address how anger is most often so much more than what we see on the surface, it’s a key part of our emotional guidance system – alerting us that something is OFF and needs to change – so identifying those depths are key to healing. 

Here’s a good way to think of it: Picture a pot of water that begins to heat up when you turn on the stove.  With more heat, it boils. Neither one of those things are bad, but if you don’t pay attention it will either boil over, or completely disintegrate and then you have nothing left besides a burning, empty pot. Like this, not allowing, addressing, and healing the root cause of our anger can leave us upset and empty. 

You can take control of your feelings of anger, so you don’t have to feel on the edge of anger all the time. The most important first step to addressing and assessing your anger is being mindful of what you’re experiencing…name it and own it. Take a moment to pause and reflect on what’s really happening. If we aren’t the ones acknowledging what we need and how we feel, how can we expect others to? 

When you determine what you’re really feeling and needing, then you can determine what outward expression is necessary. Maybe it’s calmly expressing what’s happening within, maybe it’s fully expressing your anger in all your wrath. You’re allowed to feel how you feel, address the issue, express yourself, and be truthful with it all.

Not being allowed, or not knowing how to authentically express how we feel can make us feel out of control, invalidated, and dismissed.  This frustration builds over time – packing it on over and over becoming a blockage that clogs up our emotional guidance system, making it harder for us to cut through the illusions and get to the core wound. 

Regardless of what others think about how you feel, you have to make sure to put yourself first and pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and what YOU need to do to deal with it all – like you would nurture a child who needs your attention. You have your own inner child within you that’s often crying out for acknowledgement – locked behind likely years of trauma and fear. 

In order to start healing these deeper, heavier emotions, you can use sound healing to focus on balancing your root chakra, beginning to clear the energy of anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, rage, depression, and other limiting, dense energies that weigh us down.

I’ll see you at our next session.

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