SEASON 1: Understanding the Issues

What does it mean to create a better local media experience?

The amount of information available has increased exponentially and the way we consume information has evolved dramatically. Especially, for both, in the last decade or so. But, what are we doing with that information? Are we doing enough?
This month, the leadership of STN sits down to talk about the state of traditional television news, the STN mission, the new show It Happens at STN, and how they each envision playing a part in creating a better local media experience.

This Month's Panel

This Month's Panel

The Public is Disconnecting from TV News

Only 11% of Americans trust television news and only 4% of Americans have a “great deal” of confidence in television news.

Gallup Poll / July 2022

Considering that several members of the STN team are veterans of television newsrooms, what do you feel is the state of traditional television news?

"The way the local news industry is going, it just isn’t fulfilling. We became the modern day milkman where it just wasn’t a service anymore."

"There’s a gap in local media, between informing the community and transforming it. Who is actually in charge of the transforming part? This is why I got into this business, others got into this business. To truly create impact beyond just informing."

"At STN we are able to have the conversations and tackle issues that news stations aren’t always able to cover due to resources and time. Our content is topical, thought-provoking, mission-driven and presented in a way you will not see on any other local media platform. "

It Happens at STN is an evolution of the issues-based programming STN was doing previously. What is it going to be?

"This is an opportunity to bring more leaders into our studio to network and to meet others who are also doing the hard work of helping people and who believe in this mission. When the lights go off and the mics come off, the work’s not done. That’s where it starts."

"The experience that we bring with the people we have. These are people who have been through it the traditional way and identified the changes they want to make. They know what works, what doesn’t. And, that’s what we try to do here."

"It is very clear the need is there to create a platform and an opportunity for these leaders and their organizations to break out of their silos, rally together and to let the community know what their needs are."

Corporations that own multiple media outlets tend to measure success in stock prices and corporate dividends. What makes STN successful?

"I am excited for the snowball effect. There’s going to be a snowball effect of new partnerships, new opportunities, with the intention of solving the issues we are discussing in the series. And we want to put those solutions in motion."

"We measure our success in social and community impact. What did we set out to do to help the community? And did we do it? That’ll be how we measure it."

"These are conversations that can be inspiring. These are conversations that can be empowering. They can also be really uncomfortable. Everyone who is at the table understands the importance of having those conversations to move our community in a direction we need to go."

"The more people who help us push the mission, the more impact we can have. Success to me is growth. It is literally STN everywhere so those communities can get the conversations and collaborations going that actually do, really, make an impact."

What is the future of STN?

"The goal is to create the model for using the media as a tool for good public service in the Phoenix market and then find other markets that are looking for a better local media experience and bring everything we’ve learned from doing it here and replicate it there."

"It isn’t about me, it is really the right thing to do. It is the right thing to do to uplift people. It is the right thing to give somebody a platform, to connect somebody to a resource. STN does the right thing. It’s already working and we are doing it in real time."

"There is a collective sense of energy and more leaders in these spaces are coming together outside of their organizations to join in this effort. A lot of these leaders are most excited about the opportunity to come together and solve issues in real time. The work will be being done constantly."

"I would love to see this program, these shows replicated in other markets. These are topics, these are issues, these are challenges that exist in every state, in every major city. These are conversations that need to be had."

STN is creating a better local media experience

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