UPCOMING: New McQuaid Mission Episode Available December 6th

Episode 23: Native Connection & Community

This series was created to continue Mike McQuaid’s mission to end homelessness here in the Valley.  McQuaid believed the problem could be solved, but he also knew it would take a community working together to achieve this goal.   STN, in collaboration with the Human Services Campus and ASU’s Action Nexus, is working to shine a light on the challenges and, more importantly, the solutions.   
We take an inside look at the important work of Native American Connections. President and CEO Dede Yazzie Devine joins us live in studio to discuss how they help provide safe and affordable housing for our Native communities and beyond. 
Native American Fatherhood and Families Association President Al Pooley will also join us to explore the importance of the family unit when it comes to getting people off the streets.

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Special GuestS:

Dede Yazzie Devine 

Pres. & CEO, Native American Connections

Al Pooley 

Founder & President, Native American Fatherhood & Families Association 

Producers & Hosts:

Eric Sperling 

Founder & Managing Director, STN

Amy Schwabenlender 

Executive Director, Human Services Campus

Shana Ellis

Executive Director, ASU Action Nexus 

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