Housing and Homeless

Dedicated employees help navigate services and assistance programs

Team at Human Services Campus focused on getting people out of homelessness

Phoenix (STN) — Many organizations in the Phoenix area are dedicated to addressing the systemic problems of homelessness and the lack of affordable housing. None of them would achieve much success without the dedication and effort of frontline workers who make it their mission to assist those struggling with housing in any way possible.

For the team at the Human Services Campus, these frontline workers are referred to as navigators, and during the October episode of “It Happens at STN,” the audience was introduced to one of them.

“I like to think of the navigator as a lifeguard,” said Natasha Leroux, the Behavioral Health Coordinator at the Human Services Campus. “We meet the client where they are and assess their needs. The role of the navigator is crucial in someone’s journey because we hold hope and faith for them, which they may have lost.”

Before joining the HSC team, Leroux worked at Community Bridges, Inc. and has always worked to gain a better understanding and assist those in need.

People don’t just become homeless,” she explained. “I believe it happens gradually over time, through a series of significant events that occur, causing people to lose themselves.”

Throughout her time at HSC, Leroux has experienced many small victories and recognizes the significant role that navigators play in improving people’s lives.

“My favorite part of this job is being part of something larger than myself,” she said. “It’s about serving my community, loving people, and showing them their worth. No matter where they are, they mean something.”

For more information about Leroux and the navigator program at HSC, watch the video above.

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