Episode Recap

It Happens at STN: Episode 2, Season 2

Balancing DEI pushback, removing housing barriers, helping young people find their purpose and shifting how we invest in nonprofits

Phoenix, AZ (STN) – The STN team carried momentum into October with the launch of their season one impact report and a standing-room-only crowd at the downtown Phoenix studios for the taping of episode two.

Episode two kicked off with a reminder of the importance of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) programs and initiatives, calling out businesses and organizations for eliminating them in what is being termed “DEI burnout.” The series continued with another thought-provoking “In The Room” segment featuring a group of students discussing the importance of internships and job experience for their generation.

Arizona Housing Coalition took center stage during McQuaid Mission to discuss how city zoning ordinances are creating barriers to affordable housing in the metro Phoenix area.

The episode wrapped up with a trailer for the new documentary ‘Uncharitable.’ Based on Dan Pallotta’s book, it takes an in-depth look at the economics of nonprofits and why nonprofits should be allowed to function like for-profit businesses in order to achieve their long-term community goals.

Here are the top moments from an information-filled second episode of It Happens at STN.

3:47 – 13:53 

Community Collaborative producers Monica Villalobos, CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber, and Robin Reed, CEO of the Black Chamber of Arizona, begin the show with an important discussion on DEI burnout and why it is important for companies to address the issue while still maintaining their DEI programs and initiatives. 

10:33 – 13:35

Viewers met Amy Hysell, President and CEO of Arizona Financial Credit Union, during season one. Now, she returns to share how the community can help fund various nonprofits throughout the community with a simple debit card transaction.

14:55 – 28:36

The second In The Room panel discussion of the season focused on what young people are looking for when it comes to internships and job experience. Gina Ferroni, a college freshman and a member of the Arizona-Cactus Pine Girl Scouts, joined host and producer, Lloyd Hopkins, along with ASU Freshman Zahraa Alfatlawi and high school junior Jose “Junior” Beltran to discuss the types of jobs and internships young people are looking for when they are trying to carve their own career path.

29:05 – 32:13

OneAZ Credit Union shows viewers how opening a bank account with their credit union and swiping your debit card for everyday purchases helps their community support the businesses working to solve the most critical issues facing Arizona’s communities.

34:08 – 48:00

AZ Housing Coalition joined McQuaid Mission to discuss how decades-old land ordinances are preventing developers from building affordable housing in the Phoenix metro area. Nicole Newhouse, Executive Director of Arizona Housing Coalition, and Luis Cordova, Senior VP and COO at Rounds Consulting Group, examine the ways their organizations work to change local laws to create equitable housing for everyone in the state.

45:33 – 48:00

STN’s crew takes you inside the Human Services Campus to see how their programs help clients who have just entered homelessness and then help them move into more permanent housing ending their time as part of the unsheltered population.

49:25 – 1:04:05

Episode two of ‘It Happens at STN’ concludes with the premiere of the trailer for a new documentary ‘Uncharitable’. Based on the book of the same name by Dan Pallotta, the film examines the stigma that non-profits should not be allowed to make money and takes a deep dive into the economics that are hindering charitable organizations from achieving their goals.

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