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Introducing McQuaid Mission

The McQuaid Mission is a series dedicated to ending homelessness in Phoenix.

Episode 1: What is the McQuaid Mission?

When Mike McQuaid passed away from Covid-19 in July, Arizona lost a significant community leader. As the president of Human Services Campus (HSC), Mike brought organizations together to create a multi-faceted approach to end homelessness in Phoenix.
The McQuaid Mission is a series dedicated to continuing Mike’s mission to end homelessness. In each episode, we will explore the issues, efforts, progress and solutions surrounding homelessness in Phoenix. 
The first episode will be available to stream on January 18th on the STN App.
It will cover the work, impact and continued efforts of Mike McQuaid and his team at the Human Services Campus.
U.S. Representative Greg Stanton will also join us to talk about the time he spent at the Human Services campus, Mike McQuaid’s legacy and how it will continue at the Human Services Campus.



Greg Stanton
Greg Stanton

U.S. Representative Arizona’s 9th District

Mike McQuaid Jr.

Mike McQuaid’s Son

Producers & Hosts:

Amy Schwabenlender 

Executive Director, Human Services Campus

Chris Coraggio
Chris Coraggio

Host, STN

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