Episode Recap

It Happens at STN: Episode 9, Season 2

Racial disparities among the unsheltered population, empowering future women leaders, and inside UMOM New Day Centers new donation warehouse

Phoenix, AZ (STN) – The June episode of ‘It Happens at STN’, featured a special cross-over edition of the Community Collaborative and McQuaid Mission for an important discussion on the racial disparities within the homeless population in Arizona. Leaders from the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Keys to Change, and UMOM New Day Centers discussed racial disparity within the sheltered population, what’s compounding the problem, and what can be done to address it.  

Also in episode 9, members from the Young & Empowered Women organization discussed the importance of mentoring the future female leaders of tomorrow with STN’s producing partner Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts.

Plus, Bank of America executive and founder of the Arizona Housing Fund Howard Epstein stopped by, Girl Scout Gold Award winner Jasmine Goode shared her success story, we went inside UMOM New Day Centers’ new donation warehouse, and brought you a story of mighty change thanks to help from Valley of the Sun United Way.


Here are the highlights from episode 9 of ‘It Happens at STN’:

6:53 – 24:34

Leaders from UMOM New Day Centers, Keys to Change and Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce came together for a special crossover segment that combined two STN flagship series, Community Collaborative and McQuaid Mission. The group discussed some reasons behind the significant racial disparities among Arizona’s homeless population and examined possible solutions to the problem.

24:53 – 28:26

During the pandemic, UMOM New Day Centers received an influx of donations at their on-campus donation center. Eventually, they needed to find a new space to organize the donations they received, so they upgraded to a new 12,000-square-foot warehouse. STN cameras provided a unique look at the day-to-day operations inside the UMOM New Day Centers donation warehouse.

28:47 – 31:30

Growing up, Howard Epstein’s parents stressed the importance of community service to their family. It is a value he has carried with him throughout his banking career. Epstein started the Arizona Housing Fund which provides equity grants to nonprofit organizations building permanent low-income housing. To date, the fund has donated close to $1.4 million to nonprofits in the affordable housing space.

35:27 – 38:46

Yered, a first-generation Latina, missed a lot of school caring for her siblings. One day, she discovered the Aspire program, which partners with Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW) to help students get diplomas and jobs. Finding inspiration, Yered earned her high school diploma and now works in healthcare, aiding underserved communities. Recently, she learned her employer partners with VSUW, reconnecting her with Tanya Muniz, a speaker from her Aspire days, creating a full-circle moment for both.

38:58 – 50:37

Members from Young & Empowered Women, a Phoenix nonprofit that provides professional development, networking and mentorship to women, joined In The Room to talk about why women in leadership positions need to mentor the next generation. 

50:39 – 54:01

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award of achievement a Girl Scout can receive within the organization. To be considered, Girl Scouts must create a sustainable, community service-based project.

Recent ASU graduate, Jasmine Goode, earned the award in high school for her neighborhood knitting program, Knitting Know-How. Goode talked about how creating the program and winning the Gold Award set her up for the success she had in college.

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