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‘It Happens at STN’ returns for second season

STN kicks off another season of elevating social transformation through action-oriented conversation

Phoenix, AZ (STN) – This week, Phoenix-based media network STN kicks off Season 2 of their action-packed news show, taped monthly in front of a live studio audience. Each episode features segments focused on critical social issues hosted by community leaders.

“In our first season, we learned that by offering a front-row seat to the transformation happening in our communities, we inspire further action,” said Eric Sperling, CEO of STN. “We heard from dozens of community leaders and members that they learned new ways to put solutions in motion from appearing on or watching STN. We’re beyond excited to see what positive change we can drive in this new season. And we’re thrilled to have such an impressive roster of partners who are spurring progress across so many different areas, from housing and homelessness to diversity and equity.”

Kathy Clark, Executive Producer of STN, added: “The growth surrounding this show has been explosive. Our Season 2 premiere is already sold out. With this ecosystem of engagement, synergy and partnership, there’s no other place to be right now when it comes to community action.”

Season 2’s guests and partners include: Arizona Hispanic Chamber, Ability360, Arizona Financial Credit Union, Arizona Housing Coalition, Bank of America, Black Chamber of Arizona, Candelen, Girl Scouts – Arizona Cactus-Pine, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Greater Phoenix Leadership, Human Services Campus, Lights Camera Discover, Mercy Care, OneAZ Credit Union, PetSmart, Phoenix Community Alliance, St. Vincent de Paul, UMOM, USAA, and Valley of the Sun United Way.

“The issues we’re talking about at STN are urgent and complex,” said Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM. Being in the room with smart, engaged community leaders is helping us to take the conversation—and our mission–further than any single sound bite ever could. I’m looking forward to diving even deeper in season two.”

In addition to inspiring individuals to take action through each episode, STN helps community leaders amplify their impact through networking opportunities and a toolkit with contact information for every guest and ready-to-share content for their social networks.

In their first season, STN garnered over 1,000,000 collective impressions and reached over 5,000 community members, including over 500 organizations who participated as partners, guests, and audience members throughout the season.

Amy Schwabenlender, CEO of Human Services Campus and STN Partner for two seasons now, said of Season 1: “We found a couple of new board members because they started watching the episodes, new donors, new champions, new voices, new advocates. People who really sit and watch the show and understand it. And then they start to repeat the message, which is tremendously helpful.”

With 20 highly influential partners, Season 2 of STN promises to make an even bigger impact than its inaugural season, as more leaders and more community members get together to better our communities.

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 STN is a distinctive local media network that reimagines local media as a catalyst for change. Through action-oriented interviews and community conversations, STN spurs impact against society’s toughest systemic problems by sharing the powerful stories of those who are driving change in our communities.

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