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STN & Practical Art April Featured Artists

April’s featured artists include a piece by Bill Dambrova, who will be showing his latest work in July at the Bentley Gallery in Phoenix.

Timothy Chapman

Timothy Chapman is a painter with a deep love of the outdoors. He uses his unique sense of humor to tweak images, creating new spaces for familiar animals. In 2014, Chapman was selected by the U.S. State Department to travel to Nairobi, Kenya, as a part of an artist exchange program called ‘Art in Embassies’. You can find Chapman’s work at the Wilde Meyer Galleries and Practical Art in Uptown Phoenix.

To see more of Timothy Chapman’s art follow him on Instagram.

Bill Dambrova

An Arizona native, Bill Dambrova has been painting and designing public art exhibits since graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. His work tackles conservation issues and portrays society’s relationship with all living things. The concepts and ideas for his work come from things Dambrova has researched, including, sea life, plant biology, and recently dinosaurs, which have been making their way into his paintings. Dambrova’s recent public art installation can be seen in Sky Harbor Airport’s rental car return train station. In July, Dambrova will have his next solo show at the Bentley Gallery in Phoenix.

For more information on Bill Dambrova’s work visit his website.

Troy Moody

Troy Moody has worked with glass as an expressive art medium for over 20 years. Moody is the Glass Studio Lead at the Mesa Art Center, teaching the intricacies of glasswork to students since 2010. His portfolio includes more than 85,000 square feet of award-winning terrazzo designs for the Phoenix Convention Center and the Maricopa County Superior Court Tower. Moody’s work was recently selected for a solo exhibit at the Mesa Museum of Contemporary Art.

For more information on Troy’s work visit his website.

Randy Slack

Surfer, VW collector, grandfather, and curator of Phoenix’s annual large-scale group exhibition called Chaos Theory, Randy Slack is a self-proclaimed, self-taught painter and full-time artist. His work incorporates bright, vibrant colors to reflect his love for surfing, pop culture, and Arizona. Recently, Slack has been splitting his time between his studios in Phoenix and San Diego.

For more information on Randy Slack’s work visit his website.

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