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STN & Practical Art November Featured Artists

November’s featured art includes a new series by Janel Garza along with pieces by Jake Early and Estrella Esquilin.

Jake Early

Jake Early sat at his desk in 1999, trying to endure his 9-to-5 job when inspiration struck: build a printing press from scratch to bring to life the art ideas swirling in his head.

With no plans in hand, Early started tinkering with ideas in his garage, utilizing salvaged parts from a table saw and other random pieces he had scavenged. Learning to weld, he spent two years experimenting and constructing until he had his printing press.

In 2005, after numerous trials and errors, Early took a leap of faith. He bid farewell to his comfortable job and ventured into full-time screen printing. He hasn’t looked back since.

For more information on Jake Early’s work visit his website.

Estrella Esquilin

Estrella Esquilin is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Phoenix, AZ. A space-curious artist with roots in the Caribbean, she has found a new home in the Valley.

As a printmaker, Esquilin employs traditional 2D printmaking techniques and explores the use of construction materials in her work. By integrating various materials and mediums, she constructs spaces for people to navigate and engage with.

Esquilin often uses her body as a measuring tool during the creation of her art installations. She carefully considers how layering materials can impart layers of meaning, connecting with her own perspectives on the piece and the natural environments that surround her.

For more information on Estrella Esquilin’s work, visit her website.

Janel Garza

Janel Garza has been cultivating her artistic style since her youth. Guided by her mother, an elementary art teacher, Garza immersed herself in a diverse range of artistic mediums from an early age.

Her work draws inspiration from interconnection, transformation, and cyclical systems found throughout micro and macrocosms.

“As a self-taught painter and trained herbalist, my curiosity for botany, holistic ecology, and modernist architecture guides my compositions. By incorporating abstract geometric symbolism and patterns, I can give form to thoughts and feelings that language alone cannot express. The clean line work and soft, muted tones of my color palette contribute to a sense of balance and harmony throughout the work,” says Garza.

Garza’s goal is to unveil the numinous nature of all things and counteract the disenchantment of daily modern life. Her latest series, titled “Guidance Systems: Navigating Intuition and Creative Flow,” delves into the depths of our inner compass and the captivating realms of intuitive creativity.

“Within these works, I invite you to explore the intricate tapestry of human intuition and the enigmatic forces that steer our imaginative currents,” Garza explains.

For more information on Janel Garza’s work visit her website and to see her new “Guidance Systems” series visit the Practical Art gallery in Uptown Phoenix.

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