Episode Recap

It Happens at STN: Episode 3, Season 2

Breaking down the latest community growth scorecard, keeping seniors safely housed and Veteran suicide prevention and awareness.

Phoenix, AZ (STN) – One week after the Arizona premiere of ‘UnCharitable,’ STN welcomed another sold-out crowd to the taping for episode three of ‘It Happens at STN.’

Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW) began the show with the release of their Mighty Change 2026 scorecard. The report highlights the impact VSUW’s programs are having in Arizona, including education, workforce development, homelessness, and affordable housing.

In The Room‘ followed with an important discussion on how teens and their parents can navigate the graphic images and headlines flooding social media feeds during a global conflict or following a mass shooting. 

Also in episode three, get to know the new CEO of Candelen, Rob Podlogar, and meet the Founder and Executive Director of Lights, Camera, Discover, Kema Charles. These two leaders in the Phoenix area work to guide and mentor local youth.

McQuaid Mission welcomed Mercy Care to the segment to discuss the growing problem of affordable housing for seniors. The segment examines a new partnership between Mercy Care and Mercy Housing that aims to provide seniors with affordable, safe residences and onsite wrap-around medical care.

Finally, with Veterans Day celebrated in November, ‘It Happens at STN‘ brought season two social transformation partners USAA onto the show for a tough but important discussion on Veteran suicide and prevention

Here are the top moments from episode three.

3:00 – 15:00

In Episode 3 of Community Collaborative, Robin Reed, CEO of the Black Chamber of Arizona, welcomes Carla Vargas Jasa, President and CEO of Valley of the Sun United Way, and Emma Garcia, Chief Community Development and Engagement Officer at Valley of the Sun United Way, the group breaks down the numbers in Valley of the Sun United Way’s latest Mighty Change scorecard. They highlight the bright spots in the report and look at the areas that need improvement.

16:26 – 19:40

Kema Charles, Founder and Executive Director of Lights, Camera, Discover, moved from Orlando, Florida, to Hollywood to chase her dreams of becoming an actress on the big screen. 

However, she quickly realized that she preferred a career working behind the camera in the film industry. Through the ups and downs of life in the film business, Charles learned that she wanted to help young people discover their passion for the art of filmmaking. Eventually, she created her own nonprofit that exposes kids across the Phoenix area to TV, film, and production.

21:08 – 34:52

With the new war raging in the Middle East and another mass shooting incident in Maine, graphic headlines and images flood our social media feeds. For teens and their parents, managing this content can be overwhelming.

In The Room’s Lloyd Hopkins, welcomes  Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine back to the segment. Joining for the important discussion on how to navigate social media when graphic news headlines dominate teens’ feeds is Gina Ferroni, a college freshman and a member of the Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts, along with guest host, Nadia Kharoufeh, a 10th grader and also a member of the Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts, and Kim McWilliams, Senior Director of Clinical Excellence and Children Services at Terros Health. 

34:55 – 38:24

The STN team gives viewers an inside look at a program created by the Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts that focuses on the mental health and well-being of girls with mothers who are currently incarcerated.

39:57 – 45:55

Inside the Human Services Campus bridge housing program and how they assist individuals in transitioning from life on the streets to a new life in housing.

45:57 – 1:00:10

Affordable housing for seniors is a growing problem across the state. In McQuaid Mission, Amy Schwabenlender, CEO of Human Services Campus, and Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM New Day Centers, welcome Matt Kelly, Lead Housing Liaison at Mercy Care, Lauren Lauder, Deputy CEO for Spectrum Healthcare, and Shelly Marquez, President Mountain Plains at Mercy Housing. 

The group delves into why more seniors are becoming homeless and explores a new three-year partnership between Mercy Care and Mercy Housing that aims to ensure seniors have safe and affordable housing.

1:00:13 – 1:04:14

Rob Podlogar grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. He knew at an early age that he was gay and can remember being teased as a child for being different from everyone else. It wasn’t until after college, while working in the banking world, that Podlogar started to meet other people with stories similar to his. 

He realized that if he could help himself through all the difficult times he went through, he could help other people do the same thing in their own lives. It was during this realization that Podlogar began his new career in community impact.

1:05:39 – 1:17:48

In honor of Veterans Day, USAA, joins ‘It Happens at STN’ to discuss Veteran suicide prevention. The suicide rate for Veterans is 57% higher than the national average. Joining the show to examine the startling statistics and explore solutions are Patrick Fitzhugh, Regional Site Director for USAA, Kelly Nastos, Executive Director for USO Arizona, and Sam Neuhauser, West Region Manager for the Travis Manion Foundation.

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