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It Happens at STN: Episode 6, Season 2

Astronaut and geoscientist addresses battling imposter syndrome, fostering equity in Phoenix's economy and solutions to end unsheltered homelessness.

Phoenix, AZ (STN) – This month, ‘It Happens at STN’ began by honoring colleague, mentor and community leader Robin S. Reed. Reed co-created the Community Collaborative and served as a contributing producer for the segment focused on diversity, equity and inclusivity. His leadership and unwavering dedication to social change will be deeply missed, but his legacy will endure through the segment he created and the ongoing community efforts of his friends and colleagues.

In March’s episode, we explored strategies for fostering a more equitable economy in Phoenix, discussed ongoing battles with imposter syndrome, shared key insights from a conference focused on addressing homelessness and offered a look into one local leader’s journey to success in the nonprofit space. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the important discussions to explore and learn from this month’s ‘It Happens at STN’:


03:26 – 18:52

Members of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce along with Chris Camacho, President and CEO of GPEC, join Scott Vanderpool, President of Bank of America Phoenix, to discuss what creating a more equitable economy in Arizona entails from grassroots efforts to the multi-million-dollar corporate level.

20:33 – 37:58

Astronaut and geoscience professor, Dr. Sian Proctor, has a candid conversation with Girl Scouts from the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council to discuss imposter syndrome and how she has overcome it throughout her life.

Dr. Proctor also shares her approach to inspiring and motivating the next generation of leaders with her motto, “Space 2 Inspire.”

38:37 – 41:16

Candelen established the New Roots program in response to studies revealing high maternal mortality rates in underserved Black and Brown communities. This program supports families by providing doulas who offer parenting education from when they learn of their pregnancy until the child reaches two years of age.

43:15 – 51:22

Amy Schwabenlender, CEO at Keys to Change, provides her takeaways from a recent conference in San Francisco focused on solutions for ending unsheltered homelessness

51:45 – 54:35

Monique Lopez fell in love with nonprofit work as a student at UC Berkeley where she volunteered to teach legal education courses in juvenile halls.

Today, she serves as Chief Operations Officer at UMOM New Day Centers. Recently, she was selected for the newest class of fellows with the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

57:46 – 1:00:50

The SOAR program facilitates access to Social Security services, veteran assistance programs, and disability resources for individuals experiencing homelessness. Its goal is to secure permanent housing and supportive services for participants within six months to a year of their enrollment in the program.

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