Episode Recap

It Happens at STN: Episode 7, Season 2

Creating equitable access to veterinary care, building meaningful mentorships with teens, and a discussion on creating win-win partnerships.

Phoenix, AZ (STN) – April’s episode of ‘It Happens at STN’ covered a new program created by PetSmart and PetSmart Charities that brings veterinary care to underserved communities, how local nonprofit Lights, Camera, Discover creates meaningful mentorships with teens and a discussion on the partnership between Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation and St. Vincent de Paul. 

Also in the episode, STN cameras spend a day with the regional outreach team at Keys to Change, explore Mercy Care’s legal support program for their patients battling mental illnesses and learn about how the Speak Up for Home program builds more affordable housing in Arizona.


Here are the important highlights from episode 7 of ‘It Happens at STN’:

04:19 – 18:41

In America, one out of every three families with a pet doesn’t have access to veterinary care. PetSmart and PetSmart Charities are working to change that with a new community incubator program that aims to bring veterinary services to neighborhoods that don’t typically have access to medical care for their pets.

18:43 – 22:47

Small, locally-owned minority businesses often lack access to capital and financial resources compared to their white counterparts. A look at how OneAZ Credit Union is on a mission to change access for minority-owned businesses in Arizona.

23:33 – 36:20

Lights, Camera, Discover (LCD) is an after-school program and summer camp that teaches kids about television and film production. However, learning how to operate a camera, set up lights and edit video is only part of what they do at this Phoenix nonprofit. Aside from teaching the art of film and TV production, the staff at LCD also play a role as mentors in their student’s lives. 

36:28 – 39:24

Under Mercy Care’s umbrella services, it offers legal support for clients who have issues that need to be resolved within the court system. One of these services is peer support for individuals coping with mental illnesses while at the same time trying to navigate their court cases.

41:40 – 46:07

The regional outreach team at Keys to Change is one of their main boots-on-the-ground teams working to help the unsheltered population find safe and stable housing. Their main objective is to use the preventative means available to shorten the amount of time people are living unhoused and find permanent housing.

46:14 – 56:23

Building and creating win-win partnerships for nonprofits and for-profits are vital to the success of nonprofits. Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation and St. Vincent de Paul created a 10-year partnership to provide services to Arizonans who are experiencing homelessness and help get them into permanent housing. Members from Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation and St. Vincent de Paul discuss what makes this nearly decade-long partnership work for both organizations.

56:39 – 59:22

Arizona Housing Coalition’s goal is to create equitable access to quality affordable housing for all Arizonans. They rely on corporate partnerships to build more affordable housing across the state. One of their long-time partners is Dominium, a leader in developing affordable housing across the U.S. Together with other corporate sponsors, Dominium and Arizona Housing Coalition created the Speak Up for Home program to bolster the effort to build more affordable housing in Arizona.

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