Episode Recap

It Happens at STN: Episode 8, Season 2

LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the workplace, Big Brother Big Sisters mentorship program impact, and short-term shelter success

Phoenix, AZ (STN) – In episode 8 of ‘It Happens at STN,’ Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Arizona joined to share how their programs help lower teen anxiety. ONE Community co-founder and president Angela Hughey discussed why LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the workplace is good for business and even better for Arizona’s economy. The UMOM New Day Centers’ leadership team shared how their short-term shelter program translates into long-term sustainable housing for the single women and families they serve.

Plus, get to know Ability360 CEO Chris Rodriguez and Arizona Financial Credit Union COO Chad Forkenbrock in their leader profile stories. Lastly, meet the mentors of Mercy Care’s forensic peer support group.


Here are the highlights from episode 8 of ‘It Happens at STN’:

2:39 – 17:30

According to a new study done by PRRI, more than one in five Generation Z (aged 18-29) identify as LGBTQ. As more of this generation enter the workforce, companies are finding inclusivity is a top priority for Gen Z candidates. Angela Hughey, co-founder and president of ONE Community, explained the business benefits of workplace inclusivity and why it is also beneficial for Arizona’s economy.

17:38 – 21:00

Chad Forkenbrock started working at Arizona Financial Credit Union with no long-term plans at the bank, but he fell in love with serving the community’s financial needs. Today, Forkenbrock is the COO of Arizona Financial Credit Union serving businesses all over Arizona.

22:46 – 33:24

When children and their families participate in the mentorship programs provided by Big Brothers Big Sisters for at least one year, they experience lower levels of anxiety and depression compared to their peers. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona discussed their Family Matching program and the increasing demand for volunteers to support kids waiting for a mentor.

33:25 – 36:50

Chris Rodriguez has a brother with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Growing up, he witnessed the challenges his parents faced raising a child with a disability. It gave Chris a unique perspective on the obstacles these families encounter, sparking a desire to break down barriers for families with a disabled family member. Today, he is the CEO of Ability360, a nonprofit in Arizona that promotes programs for people with disabilities so they can live independently and thrive in their communities.

38:23 – 50:03

The goal of UMOM New Day Centers is to make homelessness infrequent and non-recurring. In 2023, UMOM served over 600 families experiencing homelessness, 80% of those families transitioned to permanent housing with the help of their short-term shelter program. UMOM’s leadership team joined the segment to dive into the success of their short-term shelter program.

50:09 – 53:45

One of the services Mercy Care offers their clients is forensic peer support groups. The group provides mentors for people who have pending legal issues. Mentors help them navigate their cases. STN highlights the people behind Mercy Care’s forensic peer support groups.

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