SEASON 1: Actionable Advocacy · Making a Difference in the Community

Local credit union works to level the playing field for minority-owned businesses

Minority-owned small businesses often face more roadblocks when it comes to accessing capital compared to their white-owned counterparts.

Arizona Financial Credit Union (AZFCU) works daily to make accessing capital a reality for minority-owned businesses. They are helping small businesses in Arizona reach their goals. One of them is Jose’s Sheet Metal in Phoenix.

Jose Antonio Galvan started Jose’s Sheet Metal in the early 2000s. He slowly gathered the materials and equipment he needed to get the business going. Eventually, he and his son Tony were able to open multiple locations across the Phoenix metro area.

In 2016, with help and guidance from AZFCU, Jose’s Sheet Metal bought the buildings in Mesa that they had been renting and took another step toward their ultimate business goals.

AZFCU helps Jose's Sheet Metal grow business


Featured Speakers

Antonio Jose Galvan

Tony Galvan

Jared Shintaku

Featured Speakers

Antonio Jose Galvan

Founder – Jose’s Sheet Metal

Tony Galvin

CEO – Jose’s Sheet Metal

Jared Shintaku

Dir. Govt. Guarantee Loan Production- AFCU

“I have turned one business into two. For me, this is no longer a dream, it is a reality.”
Antonio Jose Galvan

Impossible Becomes Possible

Arizona Financial Credit Union supports me and my family and with their help, my business has grown up and expanded.  AZFCU made the impossible, possible. It is the American dream where opportunities can be created for all people.

Reality Check

I have turned one business into two. For me, this is no longer a dream, it is a reality.


“ The team at AZFCU didn’t just help me buy the buildings we were in, they made us feel like any other respected business.”
Tony Galvan

Early Start

I was 15 years old when my dad started buying the equipment for our sheet metal business. I would come after school to give him a break during the day. He was already working a 9 to 5 job while we were learning the sheet metal business and getting it going. Eventually, one thing led to another and it became our full-time job.

Building The Business

Arizona Financial Credit Union helped us with financing for our buildings in Mesa. They also helped me through our SBA loan process, which was something I did not know anything about.

Planning For The Future

The team at AZFCU didn’t just help me buy the buildings we were in, they made us feel like any other respected business. They showed us how we could invest our money in different ways to create leverage for the future if we ever want to look for more opportunities to grow our business.

“It has been great to continue our relationship with the family as they grow Jose’s Sheet Metal.”
Jared Shintaku

Building Community Relationships

It has been a fun journey working with Jose, Tony, and the rest of the family at Jose’s Sheet Metal.

I started working with the Galvan family in 2016. They had just opened the Mesa branch of Jose’s Sheet Metal and Tony was interested in buying property to house the new location.

As we were going through the process of identifying properties, the one that they had been renting became available, and we were able to guide Tony through the process of submitting his loan request.

Creating Lasting Relationships

It has been great to watch the business grow from one small location in Phoenix, to expand to a second location in Mesa, and eventually help Tony with the vision he had for the business in Mesa and buy the property they were leasing.

Today, Jose’s Sheet Metal owns four commercial properties, and we are in the process of consolidating those four loans into one loan that will save them a significant amount of money compared to what they are currently paying.

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