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The Top Ten Moments from ‘It Happens at STN’ Season One

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs appears for Community Collaborative on It Happens at STN
Looking back at the best moments from the inaugural season of STN's groundbreaking live show.

PHOENIX, Ariz, (STN) September 1, 2022 marked a significant milestone for STN with the launch of its inaugural community action-focused show, It Happens at STN. Serving as a platform for STN to advance its mission of producing community action-oriented content, the show focuses on emphasizing four key pillars: diversity, equity and inclusion, homelessness, mental health, and sustainability. 

Throughout the season, STN collaborated with community partners like the Human Services Campus, UMOM New Day Centers, Arizona Financial Credit Union and Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scouts. Together, they produced content aimed at fostering a stronger community in Phoenix.

Below are the top ten moments and discussions from season one of It Happens at STN. Season two is scheduled to premiere in September 2023.

#10: Jose’s Sheet Metal – Community Collaborative Episode 9

Minority-owned small businesses often encounter more obstacles in accessing capital compared to their white-owned counterparts. Episode 9 of Community Collaborative highlights the efforts of Arizona Financial Credit Union (AZFCU) in assisting minority-owned small businesses to access capital, aiding them in achieving their business goals.

Watch it here.

#9: PetSmart makes DEI part of their company’s DNA – Community Collaborative – Episode 8

Fostering an organization-wide approach to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) requires dedication and comprehensive support across the organization.

Two members of the PetSmart Leadership Team, Joanne Dwyer, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility, and Mark Dompier, Head of Belonging, collaborate with Monica Villalobos, CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Robin Reed, CEO of the Black Chamber of Arizona, in a panel discussion. Together, they examine the requisite commitment for effective action and examine the strategies needed to successfully amplify DEI within organizations.

Watch it here.

#8: Prevention and Diversion Strategies to Address Homelessness – McQuaid Mission – Episode 2

UMOM New Day Centers and Human Services Campus prioritize proactive measures to prevent individuals and families from experiencing homelessness. This episode highlights UMOM New Day Centers’ prevention and diversion programs. 

Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM New Day Centers, joins Amy Schwabenlender, CEO of Human Services Campus to focus on their collaborative approach to handling prevention and diversion scenarios.

Watch it here.

#7: Saving food at Phoenix Open and Super Bowl – Project Greenprint – Episode 5

Arizona’s being the nation’s top food waste producer triggered a collaboration between a local nonprofit and a hospitality business in Phoenix. Hillary Bryant, Executive Director of Waste Not, and Michael Stavros, Partner and Director of Business Development at M Culinary Concepts, shares their efforts to reduce food waste during the Super Bowl and Phoenix Open.

Watch it here.

#6: The correlation of mental health and student success – In The Room – Episode 10

In the season finale of In The Room, host Stephanie Parra and Lloyd Hopkins team up with the outgoing Superintendent of the Phoenix Union High School District, Dr. Chad Gestson, and Central High School student, Zahraa Alfatlawi. Together, they look at how schools, parents and teenagers can collaboratively drive change in the context of mental health.

Watch it here.

#5 – The importance of diversity in news organizations – Community Collaborative – Episode 9

As public trust in television news programming wanes, this episode tackled a crucial subject: the state of local media. Dr. Battinto Batts Jr., Dean of the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU, along with esteemed journalist Vanessa Ruiz, Deputy Vice President of Educational Outreach & Student Services, explore the type of leadership needed to guide the upcoming generation of journalists.

Watch it here:

#4 – The state of Arizona’s water supply – Project Greenprint – Episode 6

Arizonans have been hearing for years that our water supply is in trouble if we don’t take drastic measures to decrease water usage throughout the Southwest. 

We took an in-depth look at the actual narrative behind Arizona’s water supply. This episode breaks down some harsh realities with Sarah Porter, Director of the Kyl Center for Water Policy at ASU’s Morrison Institute, and Charlie Ester, Manager of Surface Water Management at SRP.

Watch it here.

#3 – Nurturing Teen Mental Health through Outdoor Activities – In The Room – Episode 5

This action panel on ‘In The Room’ analyzes the advantages of transitioning from screen time to outdoor activities. Co-CEOs Christina Spicer and Mary Mitchell from Girl Scouts, Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, along with scouts Aarohi Ghorpade and Gina Ferroni, joined for a dynamic discussion about the benefits of outdoor experiences for both teenagers and adults.

Watch it here.

#2 – Counting the unsheltered population – Point in time count – McQuaid Mission – Episode 5

Episode 5 offered viewers an intimate glimpse into the outreach efforts of the Human Services Campus. Among their responsibilities is the ‘Point in Time’ count, where teams venture out in the early morning to tally the number of unsheltered individuals residing around HSC’s campus and throughout the downtown area. STN got a first-hand look at what the ‘Point in Time’ count entails.

Watch it here.

#1 – Governor Katie Hobbs joins Community Collaborative to talk DEI in her administration – Community Collaborative – Episode 9

The June edition of Community Collaborative showcased a pivotal agent of change within the state, as Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs joined Monica Villalobos, President of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Robin Reed, President and CEO of the Black Chamber of Arizona. 

Together, they discuss the governor’s unwavering commitment to promoting diversity within her administration. Shortly after her recent election victory, Gov. Hobbs unveiled her strategic approach to fostering inclusivity in the Capitol. 

As Hobbs leads a more diverse era of governance, these influential community leaders underscored the importance of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion for a prosperous future in Arizona.

Watch it here.

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