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STN & Practical Art December Featured Artists

December’s featured artists are part of a series of different 15 pieces celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Practical Art.

Kara Brooks

Kara Brooks is a digital and multimedia artist. Her most recent digital drawings are inspired by her interest in the intersection of culture, climate, and nurturing. She uses exaggerated angles, consumer brands, and the celebration of the ordinary as storytelling tools to guide her viewers through the pieces and help them find themselves.

For more information on Kara Brooks’s work, visit her website.

Andy Brown

Andy Brown’s interest in art began in middle school when he started drawing pictures of couples at school. In high school, he began creating cartoons featuring unique characters. It was during the 1990s, while in high school, that Brown realized he wanted to pursue an art career.

Brown works with markers, acrylic paint, oil pastel and spray paint. Most of his mural work involves aerosol paint and acrylic paint. The subjects of his works vary greatly and include imagined landscapes, abstractions, characters and his native Sonoran Desert.

For more information on Andy Brown’s work follow his Instagram page.

Cergio Brown

Cergio Brown is the creator and owner-operator of Would-Could. Would-Could products offer quality and functional items that people can use every day.

The idea for Would-Could started when Brown was an engineering student learning how to use laser cutters. After mastering the laser cutter, Brown showed his wife what it could do. Soon, he had a honey-do list full of things that needed a laser cutter. One of the items on the list was a giant map of the globe that she wanted to hang over their living room couch. After creating the map, Brown realized there was much more he could create with the help of the laser cutter, and thus, Would-Could Products was born.

To shop the full line of Would Could products visit their website.

Shaunte Glover

Shaunte Glover is a photographer, videographer and storyteller originally from Mobile, Alabama, but she has called Phoenix home since grade school.

Glover became interested in photography at a young age when she discovered the joys of disposable cameras and the option to order doubles when she picked them up from the local pharmacy. She studied photography throughout high school, which eventually led her to earn a degree in fine art photography at Arizona State University.

People are usually the subjects of Glover’s work. Much of her work is focused on portraits, personal stories, and documentation. She says, for her, it is all about people.

For more information on Shaunte Glover’s work follow her Instagram page. 

Christopher Jagmin

A self-described documentarian and multimedia artist, Christopher Jagmin studied graphic design and printmaking at Indiana University Bloomington. Jagmin began creating art to escape from his six siblings, setting up his “studio” under his parents’ dining room table.

Now, Jagmin tells stories encompassing fear, complicity, childhood memories, anxiety, vulnerabilities, marginalization, sexuality, religion, love, humor, and hopeful expressions of humanity.

For more information on Christopher Jagmin’s work visit his website.

Wabwila Mugala

Originally from Kitwe, Zambia, Wabwila Mugala now calls Charlotte, North Carolina, and Phoenix, Arizona, home. She spent her childhood in Stockholm, Sweden, but has also lived throughout the U.S.

Mugala received her BFA in new media and design from UNC Greensboro, and she is currently enrolled in the MFA program at Arizona State University. Her work engages audiences with what feels inherently familiar and what feels foreign. It is a tension that Mugala lives with daily. Rather than rejecting that part of herself, she embraces it by layering images and patterns that speak to the idea that she is the sum of all her experiences; an interwoven mix of cultures, language, and identity.

For more information on Wabwila Mugala’s work visit her website.

Philip Gabriel Steverson 

In 2022, Philip Gabriel Steverson was one of three recipients of Artlink’s Artist Forward Fund. Steverson graduated from Arizona State University with a double major in fashion and creative writing, with an emphasis on poetry.

Originally from West Philadelphia, Steverson graduated from ASU in the fall of 2022 and now calls Phoenix home. He considers his strongest mediums to be a combination of poetry, painting, and design. Steverson has worked to become well-versed in all three mediums, shifting his medium of choice to best represent the motifs, emotions, and concepts of new projects.

For more information on Philip Gabriel Steverson’s work visit his website.

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