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Keys to the City

Networking for a Social Cause

We highly recommend a direct approach when networking for a social cause. Explain in the first outreach how you became acquainted with their work and that you’d like to help or accomplish a similar goal.

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There’s No Such Thing As Failure if You Learn

Are you an observer or a participant in your life? What gives leaders the resilience to get out of bed and face each new day regardless of yesterday’s challenges? Watch our latest episode of Fortune Failures with non-profit leader Jevin Hodges to get inspired to overcome difficult moments.

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Justin Bayless, CEO of Bayless Integrated Healthcare talks leadership

Leadership Wellness with Justin Bayless

“I’ve always been hungry for knowledge from people who have been successful,” explains CEO of Bayless Integrated Healthcare, located in Phoenix. Throughout the pandemic, Bayless built his company into one of only 13 accredited telehealth providers in America. He also reached executive status in his twenties. What’s his secret? The right mentor. “Anyone in any pursuit of excellence should be seeking a mentor, someone who can guide them on that pursuit,” says Bayless. Watch the full episode of Arizona Achievers to find out how Bayless grew his company and enriched his career with the help of mentors.

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