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Keys to the City

Fortune Failures: Stephanie Parra

“(In 2012) After a lot of anti-Latino, anti-immigrant rhetoric happening at the state level it was difficult for me to want to stay here, in a community that did not make me feel welcome, that did not make me feel like I belonged and that worked really hard to make me feel like I was an ‘other’… My manager at the time sat me down and said ‘You can leave, you can decide to leave, so many people get frustrated with Arizona and they leave. Or, you can stay here and you can be part of the change.’”

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There’s No Such Thing As Failure if You Learn

Are you an observer or a participant in your life? What gives leaders the resilience to get out of bed and face each new day regardless of yesterday’s challenges? Watch our latest episode of Fortune Failures with non-profit leader Jevin Hodges to get inspired to overcome difficult moments.

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